Monday, 30 January 2012

Window Advertisement

I did this in the window of Night and Day in Manchester, straight onto the window with chalk markers. It was hard not being able to draw it on rough first but I think it came out okay.
I tried to keep it looking like an old advert or old bar signs and colours that would suit the venues outside.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Here's Looking At You, Kid

This is a 2 colour Risograph Print that will be on sale soon. The colour on the print is a little darker than the blue on this image, which I think looks better.
Words by Brian Fallon.
(I will try not to use Gaslight Anthem lyrics as much in future they just always fit so well)
(The blogspot address is not on the final print)

Every Thug Needs A Lady Print

This will be for sale as 2 colour Risograph print once my online shop is up.
Words by Dan Andriano.
(The watermark at the bottom of the image is not on the final print)


This was an idea for a new Book Club tshirt.
Still really like the design and would like to do something with it in the future.
Really loving skulls at the minute.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Book Club Hiatus

Book Club Clothing, the clothing company I run with my good friend Sara Keating is now on hiatus whilst she takes time out to have a baby. Congratulations to her and Andy!
I will be setting up an online store soon to sell my prints and drawings and will hopefully be doing a new tshirt design, which will also be available on that store in the not to distant future.
Until then previous Book Club designs are still available at

Old Haunts Flash

Here is a flash poster from some of the Old Haunts designs I did.
Digital prints and the original drawings will be available to buy online soon.


If you got to my blog via Tumblr and took the time to blog or re-blog my work. Thank you very much for your support, its really awesome and appreciated.


A Smooth Sea......

This piece was done on an old piece of wood I rescued from a skip.
It was too big to scan (its about 46cm X 46cm)
Need to make a better tag/watermark.

Thanks for looking.