Thursday, 9 December 2010

I along with two of my good friends Sara Keating and Chris Binns recently set up a clothing company called BOOK CLUB CLOTHING
The logo above is a collaborative effort between Sara and I.

(above) The tee I designed.
(below) A collaborative print by Sara Keating and myself.

We are selling T-shirts, prints and totes. We have just done our first line, which is quickly selling out but will have a new set of designs in the new year. Im really excited about this new project.

Check it out at:

His and Hers

Some drawings on some 1950s documents.

Not Without a Fight

When It's Blackout

A line from one of my favourite Black Lungs' songs.

Northern Song Collective

Logo I did for the Northern Song Collective, I don't do a lot of logo work but I quite like this one, its pretty self explanatory and simple. Below is some artwork I did for an online single by the collective.

New drawings on Old Things

Some new drawings on old documents from the 50's. Really like the way drawings look ontop of the old paper and type its just a real pain if I make a mistake.

I believe in your victory

Poster idea I had for the band This Will Destroy You